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panfandom smut(-ish) dump

pairings: sungyeol/amber, dongwoo/hoya, henry/amber, soohyun/kibum, b-bomb/u-kwon
rating: R/NC-17

sungyeol/amber; gentleness
Sungyeol is absolutely nothing like Amber expects, and it throws her off. She'd prepared for high-energy, possibly a comfortable joke or two at her expense-- it was what she'd grown used to during their time dating-- and maybe even a weird face in the heat of the moment just to see her react. Seven months of crow noises during kisses had (supposedly) prepared her for whatever he could throw at her in bed.

Except this.

“You're so beautiful. You know that, right?” She wants to punch him because that's like the eighth time he's said that or something like it and she's not used to him saying that with such potency, such heartfelt meaning behind it. Prior to seeing her naked, every “you're so beautiful” was usually followed by “for someone who sucks at Korean anyway,” and laughter despite her slugging his arm. But now he means it for real, and Amber's scared, scared because this means that they're for real.

“What's gotten into you? It's like you bathed in kittens this morning.” Amber tries to laugh, but it tapers off when Sungyeol fits his hips right up against hers and he's hot and hard right there on her thigh. There's no urgency there, no pressure, just warmth, and his heartbeat.

When he kisses her, she feels it all the way in her toes. “I mean it every time I say it, especially when I make fun of you afterward.” Amber tries not to cry, but it doesn't really work, because Sungyeol might be perfect and she's so totally not.

“Also I might be overcome by the sight of your naked body.”

Amber punches him in the hip playfully. “Shut up and kiss me you big idiot.”

dongwoo/hoya; spanking
The first time is an accident. In the heat of things, Dongwoo gets a little too excited and almost outright punches Hoya in the ass cheek, not hard enough to bruise, but hard enough to hurt. Hasty apologizes dissolve quickly when Hoya bucks into his hip almost on impulse. Dongwoo stares at Hoya for a minute with pupils blown open wide, trying to process this information without succumbing to the raging boner straining against his fly. “Oh,” he begins, licking his lips, “you like that, huh? Have you been a bad boy?” Dongwoo grabs Hoya by the shoulders and kisses him hard enough for their teeth to clash together before manhandling him to lay flat across his lap. “Is that it? You're a bad boy who needs to be punished?”

Before Hoya can answer, Dongwoo pulls Hoya's boxers down over his thighs and delivers one harsh open-palmed slap to one butt cheek. Hoya yelps and wiggles, trying to rub his erection up against Dongwoo's jeans. “One hit and you're already trying to get off. You really do deserve this.” Dongwoo repeats the action once, twice, three times before stopping to give Hoya another chance to react. “Maybe if you're good from here on out, I'll jerk you off.” Dongwoo goes for the other cheek this time, losing count how many times he spanks Hoya before Hoya screams and comes all over his abdomen, Dongwoo's jeans, and the bedspread. Hoya's ass is a bright shade of red and the lightest touch makes him whimper. Dongwoo has to resist the almost overwhelming urge to come then and there.

“Look at that mess you made,” Dongwoo says after a moment because remaining composed after seeing that was almost impossible. “L-look at how hard you came.” Hoya makes a breathy noise and Dongwoo bites his lip and gives into the urge to touch himself. He leans back onto the wall behind him as his hand slides down his stomach, down to his jeans where simply opening them makes his vision spot. All it takes is one firm grip and he's gone, coming hunched over Hoya with a loud yowl. Dongwoo's hand is a mess and he's pretty sure that there's splotches on his t-shirt, too.

“Such a mess,” Dongwoo whispers, leaning over to meet Hoya for an awkward kiss.

“Yeah,” Hoya replies emphatically, “we should do it again.”

henry/amber; oral fixation/fetishization
Henry loves Amber's mouth for a multitude of reasons. He loves the way she smiles, the way she laughs, the way she talks, sings, raps. Once he even convinced her to wear lipstick for him, a bright coral shade that made her look kinda funny and left perfumed kiss stains on one of his favorite shirts (it's now his most favorite shirt ever). Her teeth are kinda crooked, but he loves them like that, loves the way they poke out over her lips when she smiles real big. Kissing her is the best feeling in the world; it's like kissing textured silk because she obsessively applies high-end chapstick.

He loves her mouth especially when it's on his dick. At first Henry'd felt kinda guilty about it, but Amber is more than into it whenever she dives in tongue first on him. For a precision rapper, she's all slobber and messy enthusiasm but when she starts using her tongue Henry's brain short circuits and his vision spots. When Amber feels particularly adventurous, she pulls back when he's just about to come and just kisses him there, down the length, on his balls, and right on the head again before engulfing him again as far as she can go without tearing up.

Then he comes, she swallows, and he spends the better part of ten minutes feeling much like his bones have been replaced by beached jellyfish.

And while that's all well and good, he knows he loves her mouth the most whenever she looks at him and her smile reaches her eyes and she says, “I love you.”

soohyun/kibum; heat
With the air conditioning busted the U-Kiss dorm feels like an oven and Soohyun bakes in it, lies on the floor of his bedroom in nothing but a pair of boxers and sweats because moving in the stagnant sweltering air feels like soaking in hot soup. There's no relief; the fans just blow hot air at him and the repairman is busy until tomorrow.

“Hyung, are you still alive?” Kibum cracks the door and looks inside. Soohyun's answer is a lazy grunt because talking takes effort and effort creates heat, more heat that he doesn't need because he's already baking. Kibum enters the room and shuts the door behind him before dropping onto the floor next to Soohyun, groaning when the wood is cooler than the air around it. “Feels so good,” Kibum mutters, pressing his face onto the floor and sprawling out like a starfish. Soohyun cracks an eye and glances over to notice that Kibum is also in nothing but boxers, and that he's covered in sweat.

Soohyun fails to understand why the realization makes him the least bit hard, but it does, and then he more or less hates everything because he was already a very miserable shade of boiling hot without the added temperature underneath his skin. Worse, boxers do absolutely nothing to hide a boner and Soohyun knows that if he doesn't roll over soon that Kibum will look over and see it and then things will get even weirder.

But it's so hot and moving is so much work and really how bad will it be if Kibum sees it.

“... Are you hard?” Sadly it's a bit more awful than Soohyun had initially expected. There are a million things that he can say to attempt to steer the conversation away from that direction, but in the heat, he for the life of him can't think of a single one.

“Yeah,” Soohyun says simply. There's a moment where he considers apologizing, but for that he'd actually have to be sorry, so he just leaves it, continues to feel more than a little self conscious about the semi-boner he's currently sporting. Kibum keeps staring, which certainly doesn't help, and things are suddenly too quiet for Soohyun's liking. Staring at someone's dick get hard is kinda weird, Soohyun decides, but he knows he's more than glad that it's Kibum he's having this moment with. Forging bonds through porn means that boners aren't big news (and it also means that he won't have an Eli moment in which someone makes an insufferable comment about sexual orientation, one that Soohyun knows he'd deserve a punch in the teeth for).

“It's gotta suck being hard in this heat,” Kibum grumbles, leaning into his hand. “Do you want some help?” At first, Soohyun is kinda surprised because, well, he's never really considered doing anything with Kibum before, but the more he thinks about it, the more awesome it seems, so after a moment of eying him lazily from his spot on the ground, he pokes his head up and nods. Kibum lets out a pleased hum and moves over to press right up against Soohyun and reach into his boxers and grasp him firmly.

Kibum's hands are hot and sweaty, almost the temperature of his dick, and Soohyun's eyes roll back in his head a bit because it's slick and warm and feels funny, different from his own hand, but better than he'd thought it'd be. Soohyun sputters something unintelligable to Kibum, a reason for why he's currently dragging a hand down Kibum's abs and pulling the waistband of Kibum's boxers open to reach in and grab just as Kibum's hand was on him. The noise Kibum makes is almost helpless and the grip on Soohyun's cock tightens just enough to make his vision spot.

“Fuck,” Kibum hisses. The pace picks up then, frantic skin on skin contact starts to burn a little bit because of the friction and heat in the air. “Squeeze a little bit harder?” Soohyun obliges, brings his fingers a little closer together, and Kibum's head falls back and all Soohyun can think is how he needs to burn that into his memory so that he can see it behind his eyelids before he falls asleep every night.

When Soohyun comes, he arches off the floor, into Kibum's tight, slippery fist, and groans for a good four seconds before Kibum bucks into him, into his hand because Kibum is coming, too. Things get kind of turbulent then; Soohyun is sensitive and Kibum's hand won't unclench but when things settle, the two of them are a sweaty boneless mass on the floor.

But things feel better. “Gonna nap now,” Soohyun says lazily as he feels Kibum nod on his shoulder.

“Sounds good,” Kibum replies, rolling away from him and back into his own floor space.

“But let's do that again sometime,” Soohyun adds, “when it's not so hot.”

“Sounds good.”

b-bomb/u-kwon; orgasm denial
Yookwon doesn't know how much longer he can last. Minutes are hours bleeding into one another, lasting infinitely longer than he wants because he's on edge and ready to come but Minhyuk won't let him. Please doesn't even sound like a word anymore and has more or less become a permanent attachment on to both ends of Minhyuk's name. But Minhyuk just smiles, kisses him, touches him just enough for him to really feel it but not enough for him to get off and it's not fair, it just isn't.

“What do you want from me?” Yookwon sobs, kicking his legs desperately, trying to get that hand on his hip to touch him (for real this time, he thinks). “I'm begging, isn't that what you want?”

“While it is nice,” Minhyuk hums against his forehead, “that's not it. Just calm down.”

“I'm gonna punch every pore on your face.” Yookwon grabs Minhyuk's face to make him look right at him. “And then I'll punch every tooth individually. I hate you.”

Minhyuk simply smiles. “Nah, you won't.” Another feather-light stroke makes Yookwon arch off the bed. “You love me. Say you love me.”

“I love you. I do. Even though you're a total--” Before Yookwon can finish, Minhyuk is gripping him firmly, jerking him fiercely, so hard that Yookwon can't keep track of what his body is doing anymore because in a matter of moments he's coming into Minhyuk's fist with darkness creeping in on his vision. Yookwon has never come like this before, hard enough that he feels like his spine has liquefied; he can't tell the difference between the ringing in his ears and the shout tearing his throat up.

Yookwon is crying and he doesn't remember when he actually started crying, but he can't help it. Even when Minhyuk takes Yookwon into his arms, Yookwon still cries because that was the most intense moment he's ever experienced he doesn't know when he's actually going to stop feeling it.

“Well?” Minhyuk says after a while. Yookwon looks at him sleepily. “How was it?” Minhyuk winces when Yookwon kicks him in the shin.

“Ask me again when I'm not sleepy.”
Tags: !fandom: block.b, !fandom: f(x), !fandom: infinite, !fandom: super junior, !fandom: u-kiss, !genre: smut, character: amber liu, character: henry lau, character: jang dongwoo, character: kim kibum (u-kiss), character: kim yookwon/u-kwon, character: lee howon/hoya, character: lee minhyuk/b-bomb, character: lee sungyeol, character: shin soohyun, did you even do anything?, no lee get off the asshole unicycle, pairing: b-bomb/u-kwon, pairing: dongwoo/hoya, pairing: henry/amber, pairing: soohyun/kibum, pairing: sungyeol/amber, truck this i'm shipping what i want
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