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Kisses and Questions

Title: Kisses and Questions
Pairing: 2sun (Sungmin/Sunny), SiHan (Siwon/Han Geng), KiBer (Kibum/Amber), ninja!KangTeuk (Kangin/Leeteuk)
Rating: PG-13 for drinking and skivvies
Notes: for gaemash on tumblr!

"Good grief," Amber laments in English, watching the sky light up with lightning from her spot sprawled across the couch. Rain hits the windows in thick sheets, filling the otherwise silent room with noise. The power is out and the Super Junior dorm is dark, illuminated only by the somewhat frequent flashes from the thunderheads outside. Power's out. No lights. No air conditioning. There are only four members home-- Kibum, Sungmin, Siwon, and Han Geng-- plus Amber and Sunny. Everyone is gathered in the living room lying in various degrees of frustrated overheat across the floor, stripped down to boxers, tank tops, and panties in an effort to cool off (besides it's dark so it's not like anyone can see anyone else very well). "You'd think with all the money SM makes off you guys, they'd spring for a backup generator. It's miserable in here." Kibum grunts in agreement from his spot on the carpet next to the couch, Amber's knuckles sticky against his shoulder blade. Occasionally she brushes her finger across his skin, feeling his sweat-damp skin lazily and smiling to herself when he hums a little.

"What'd she say?" Kibum can hear the pout in Sunny's voice from across the room (if he remembers she is somewhere beneath the window, lounging on the small of Sungmin's back). "No more English! It's not fair. Tell her, Kibum-oppa."

Kibum shifts underneath Amber's dangling arm. "She understands Korean well enough. I'm pretty sure she heard you."

"Sorry, unnie," Amber says, shifting on the couch and making noise on the leather when her skin sticks, "force of habit." Sunny makes a satisfied noise before drumming her fingers along Sungmin's spine, dipping manicured fingernails between the vertibrae gently and giggling when he shifts against the carpet. Siwon and Han Geng are doing something in the kitchen with glasses clattering on the countertop and the fridge opening and closing.

"Power's not turning on any time soon," Han Geng says happily, "so we should drink up all of Kangin's booze before it gets warm." Glasses clink-- he and Siwon knock back one each-- and feel a little bit better. The drinks are nice and cold.

"He'll get mad," Sungmin calls, wiggling a bit when Sunny's fingers drum his shoulder. "Power outage or not, you know how he'll get."

"Oh button up and drink some."

Two bottles of high-class Riesling, half a bottle of Grey Goose, and three single-serving bottles of flavored Smirnoff wine coolers later, everyone is a rich shade of drunk and much more open to touching one another. Playing truth or dare had sounded like a good idea halfway through the second bottle of Riesling, but the good questions got progressively harder to come by so now it's just dares, stupid ones that involve lots of touching despite being very hot, sweaty, and warm underneath the skin.

"You really like holding Hankyung-oppa," Sunny giggles, draped across Sungmin's lap with her tummy pressed against one of his thighs. "I mean on all of your Chinese interviews, you're touching him and stuff. Do you kiss him, too?" Sungmin tickles her side with the hand that doesn't have a bottle of Smirnoff melon in it and she squeals and flails before settling again.

"Course he does, he kisses me really well," Han Geng replies, leaning over to kiss Siwon sloppily. Siwon tastes like fancy wine and slobber (but Han Geng is reasonably sure that it's his slobber everywhere) and kisses him back like a complete gentleman. "Like that. It's that good. All the time." He smiles serenely and leans into the man next to him lazily.

Amber snorts. "But no one else can feel that kiss. We'll never know how good it is." Han Geng laughs and smiles and claps Siwon's knee.

"I dunno, whenever Kibummie holds your hand, you look pretty happy. I bet your face just lights up when he kisses you," Siwon says, stroking his thumb across Han Geng's knuckles. Kibum laughs and falls back onto the floor, Amber's cheek on his abdomen when he lands.

"What's kissing Amber like?" Sunny asks excitedly. She is now curled up in Sungmin's lap, tucked against him as she nurses Sungmin's drink. "She has such a pretty smile! Come on, oppa, tell me!"

"It's like kissing a flower," he says, "a pink daisy. Then she smiles and shows her teeth and it's like watching the sunset." Amber is flushed and laughing against his tummy.

"A pink daisy? Kissing you is like kissing-- kissing a handsome rapper!"


Everyone cracks up. Siwon turns to look at Sungmin with a handsome smile. "What about you, hyung? What's kissing Sunny like?"

"Having a mouthful of sunshine," he replies, leaning down to kiss her. She squeals and smiles and pops one of her legs out straight, toes pointed.

It's then that Kangin and Leeteuk come home, wrapped up in each other and talking animatedly. Everyone is too drunk to realize that it's Kangin's booze they sucked down so eagerly, so they receive a fanfare of excited variations of hello.

"Why aren't the lights on?" Leeteuk asks confusedly, unable to see all of them lying on the floor in their skivvies.

"Power's out," Siwon says.

"Why are you slurring?" Kangin knows the thick, wafting scent of booze when he smells it. The room reeks.

"Drank your stuff!" Sunny says, giggling when Sungmin bites at her collarbone. "Didn't want it to go bad." Kangin is centimeters from laying into the six of them when Leeteuk slaps a hand over his mouth.

"Room for two more?"

Sunny claps. "Only if you're open to kisses and questions!"
Tags: !fandom: f(x), !fandom: snsd/girls generation, !fandom: super junior, character: amber liu, character: choi siwon, character: han geng, character: kim kibum (sj), character: kim youngwoon/kangin, character: lee soonkyu/sunny, character: lee sungmin, character: park jungsu/leeteuk, did you even do anything?, no lee get off the asshole unicycle, notepad's for cool kids, pairing: kangin/leeteuk, pairing: kibum/amber, pairing: siwon/han geng, pairing: sungmin/sunny, truck this i'm shipping what i want
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